New multi-journal editorial project on climate change and health

30 September, 2023

Following on earlier successful multi-journal editorials, the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC – is inviting medical journals throughout the world to publish its annual editorial on climate change and health before the next UN climate change conference (COP28) in late November.

The idea is to publish the same editorial in as many journals as possible. As before, the current editorial was co-authored by a high-impact group of leading journal editors and other closely relevant specialists. This process has now been successfully applied three times over the last two years, with hundreds of top medical journals participating.

This is NOT a commercial activity and there are no costs or payments involved.

So, if you edit a medical journal or know someone who does, please contact me at and I will send you a copy of the editorial and the project rules.

Chris Zielinski

Centre for Global Health, Universityu of Winchester

President-elect, World Association of Medical Editors (WAME)

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HIFA profile: Chris Zielinski: As a Visiting Fellow and Lecturer at the Centre for Global Health, University of Winchester, Chris leads the Partnerships in Health Information (Phi) programme, which supports knowledge development and brokers healthcare information exchanges of all kinds. He is the elected Vice President (and President-in-Waiting) of the World Association of Medical Editors. Chris has held senior positions in publishing and knowledge management with WHO in Brazzaville, Geneva, Cairo and New Delhi, with FAO in Rome, ILO in Geneva, and UNIDO in Vienna. He served on WHO's Ethical Review Committee, and was an originator of the African Health Observatory. He also spent three years in London as Chief Executive of the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society. Chris has been a director of the UK Copyright Licensing Agency, Educational Recording Agency, and International Association of Audiovisual Writers and Directors. He has served on the boards of several NGOs and ethics groupings (information and computer ethics and bioethics). chris AT His publications are at and and his blogs are and