New Panels and Workshops Announced! The Virtual Global Health & Innovation Conference

9 April, 2022

Dear Colleagues,

You and your colleagues are invited to join us on April 21-22 for the virtual Global Health & Innovation Conference. GHIC is an annual event that dives deep into bold ideas, transformative innovation, and responsible global engagement. We bring together those who are creative, curious, talented, and passionate. We are innovators, thinkers, collaborators, and doers. We think differently, we have deep conversations, and we are collectively transforming organizations and inspiring communities.

Complete details, including registration information, can be seen at Register for a 25% discount.

Panel sessions include:

The Art of Listening

Building Trust

Scaling Programs after Local Success

Collaboration: The Team Sport of Success

Vulnerability, Failure, and Resiliency in Leadership

Diving Deep into Ethics, Illusions, and Integrity

Being Bold, Having Vision

Organizational Journeys

Fulfillment in Global Health Careers

Rigorous Thinking, Informed Decisions, and Real Outcomes

Lessons Learned in Virtual Collaboration

Innovative Financing

Workshop sessions include:

* Bright Spots & Blind Spots: Managing Opportunities and Threats While Innovating

* Bridging Research and Action

* NFTs 101 for Global Health and Sustainable Development: How Advocates and Creatives Can Utilize the Space for Improved Advocacy and Fundraising

* Maximizing Mentorship: Opportunities for Professional Development

* The Art and Science of Nonprofit Leadership

* What do we Really Mean by Transparency

* Visualizing Information for Advocacy

April 2022 marks Unite for Sight’s 19th annual Global Health & Innovation Conference, and our 3rd annual virtual convening. Our virtual format for 2022 convenes a wide variety of exceptional participants from a wide geographic audience. We will be thrilled to have you join our meeting of minds on April 21-22.

Attend some or all of the sessions live, and/or view recordings after the live conference.

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