NIHR recruiting LMIC-based CEI specialist reviewers for Global Health Research Groups call - closes 14 February

19 January, 2024

Dear HIFA colleagues,

Re. Recruitment of CEI specialist reviewers for NIHR Global Health Research funding

The National Institute of Health and Care Research (NIHR) is recruiting LMIC-based reviewers to help review applications for our latest Global Health Research Groups funding call - from the perspective of community engagement and involvement (CEI) specialists.

For this opportunity, we are looking for practitioners or academics with practical experience in leading, designing or implementing CEI activities in LMICs, with experience engaging or working with:

- local community members

- people who have health conditions, disabilities, or who could be considered marginalised or vulnerable, including their families and carers

- influential stakeholders, such as:

- policy makers

- service providers

- community leaders

- community-based organisations (CBOs)

To find out more, register via our CEI in global health research webpage

or email our friendly CEI team on

Registration closes on Wednesday 14 February.

We will promote this opportunity on X @NIHRglobal and LinkedIn, as well as our monthly newsletter, and would be grateful if you could like and share.

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NIHR recruiting community engagement and involvement (CEI) reviewers

NIHR is seeking CEI reviewers - practitioners or academics with practical experience in LMICs - to help review research proposals for our latest Global Health Research Groups funding call. Find out more, visit our CEI in global health research webpage:

Registration deadline Wednesday 14 February.

Thank you in advance.

NIHR’s vision and goals for community engagement and involvement in global health research:

*NIHR champions the involvement of LMIC communities in all aspects of the research we fund, to improve its reach, quality and impact. Enabling patients and communities to have a genuine voice in global health research - from the funding process to study design, delivery and dissemination - is essential to achieving our ambition for long-term research impact and changing lives. We include community members and CEI experts in our research funding activities by asking representatives to join our funding committees and to review applications.*

Best wishes,


*Thomas Beare*

Research Manager

*NIHR Global CEI Inbox*


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HIFA profile: Tom Beare is a Research Manager at the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), United Kingdom. thomas.beare AT