Nutrition discussion following ICHG meeting

23 November, 2020

Dear CHIFA members

We all know nutrition remains high on the health agenda; we cannot talk about global child health development without focusing on nutrition.

On 13th November the International Child Health Group was thrilled to host speakers from across the world to share knowledge of 'Striving to Thrive: Nutrition through the ages'. From Ethiopia to Sierra Leone and

experiences from India, Bogotá and Madagascar, we heard about the barriers to good nutrition for neonates to adolescents groups and interventions to overcome these.

Globally children in many areas are facing nutritional crises; whether acutely impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, chronic undernutrition in lower-resource settings, or the epidemic of obesity, all of these could

negatively impact populations for generations to come.

Those attending the ICHG meeting were encouraged to face up to the challenge of nutrition; is this a crisis or an opportunity? How can we, the global health community, work together to make the most of this opportunity?

Whether you advocate for the best start in life for neonates through breastfeeding or understand the fine line between a treat and over-indulgence, we encourage you to join this discussion and share your knowledge to keep us working together for improved health for the next generation through good nutrition.

Best wishes


CHIFA Profile Rebecca Rhodes is a Junior Doctor currently doing general medicine/surgical rotations through Hospitals in the East Midlands, UK. She has always had an interest in the role of paediatrics in the developing world and has had a short but valuable experience contributing to paediatric care in rural Bangladesh as well as a longer period of time working with young people with disabilities from ethnic minorities. In the future Rebecca is very keen to contribute what she can professionally to promote and improve child health in the developing world and seeks to learn how this can be done. rebeccarhodes AT