Parents of children with autism often struggle to find reliable information: Kenya (2)

7 April, 2024

Thank you, Neil.

A Japanese child, Naoki Higashida, with autism, wrote a book, "The Reason I


It became a fantastic movie.

This film involves a great documentary from Sierra Leone.

A similar situation in Kenya is depicted there with hope.


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2024年4月2日(火) 19:30 Neil Pakenham-Walsh <>:

> With thanks to Global Health Now and NPR.


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> In Kenya, parents of children with autism often struggle to find reliable

> information and affordable therapy support; they also cope with

> misconceptions and stigma, e.g., that “autism is caused by witchcraft”


> As a result, many children miss out on early autism diagnosis — and

> crucial early interventions.


> = "Preachers and traditional healers [in Kenya often] believe that autism

> is caused by witchcraft," says Dr. Lillian Kerubo of Kiambu County

> Hospital, a pediatrician and behavioral therapist who has for years worked

> with children who have autism. These preachers and healers tell parents

> that therapeutic intervention is not needed. Instead they might offer an

> herbal concoction with a promise that it will help the child or they'll

> advise the parents to pray and fast.


> Other misbeliefs and myths circulate: Some families believe that if a

> mother eats eggs during pregnancy that can bring on autism, and that boys

> typically miss developmental milestones so there shouldn't be a need to

> consult a physician in such cases. =


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