Pocket Book of Primary Healthcare for Children and Adolescents (3)

6 January, 2024

Dear all,

Happy New Year to you all! May it bring health and peace…

I am very happy to read about the interest in the Pocket Book of Primary Health Care for Children and Adolescents. It is also available in Ukrainian and Russian

https://iris.who.int/handle/10665/352485?&locale-attribute=pt and currently being translated to French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Armenian and several other languages. An APP with the same content and additional features, such as a drug calculator and automated plotting of growth on the growth charts etc. is set to become available for field testing shortly!

Your feedback will be very much appreciated.

With best wishes,


[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): I have reproduced a section of the prelims to show Susanne's involvement:

'Coordination and editing committee

The overall development of the Pocket Book [of Primary Health Care for Children and Adolescents] was led by Susanne Carai and Martin Weber, WHO Regional Office for Europe.

The Pocket Book was written and edited by Susanne Carai, Sophie Jullien, Carolyn Maclennan, Julia Mutevelli and Martin Weber, WHO Regional Office for Europe.'

Susanne, welcome and thank you for your message. HIFA and CHIFA would be delighted to facilitate feedback on this and other WHO Publications as part of our commitment as an NGO in official relations with WHO.]