Pocket Book of Primary Healthcare for Children and Adolescents (5) Printed materials continue to be important in conflict and low-resource settings (2)

17 January, 2024

Re: https://www.hifa.org/dgroups-rss/pocket-book-primary-healthcare-children...

Dear Chia Benard Ful,

Thank you for your message yesterday, where the key learning point is that printed materials have a special importance in conflict settings. It is also a reminder that reliable healthcare information is vital in such situations, at least as much if not more so than in stable contexts. When we think of conflict, we might imagine that reliable information is not the primary issue, and that it would be eclipsed by other needs such as the need for medicines and equipment. Such needs may well be paramount, but information and communication remain essential. I would be interested to hear from you and others how conflict in your country is impacting on the quality of health care, including impacts on the availability and use of reliable healthcare information and communication.

On behalf of HIFA, I wish safety and peace to you and all HIFA members who are working in countries affected by conflict.

HIFA profile: Neil Pakenham-Walsh is coordinator of HIFA (Healthcare Information For All), a global health community that brings all stakeholders together around the shared goal of universal access to reliable healthcare information. HIFA has 20,000 members in 180 countries, interacting in four languages and representing all parts of the global evidence ecosystem. HIFA is administered by Global Healthcare Information Network, a UK-based nonprofit in official relations with the World Health Organization. Email: neil@hifa.org