Pocket Book of Primary Healthcare for Children and Adolescents (8)

18 January, 2024

Dear Niel I am interested to translate the primary health book to my local language and if I could get app and get the soft copy and follow up [*see note below]

Toumzghi sengal

HIFA profile: Toumzghi Sengal is a physician assistant and currently works as editor and free lance consultant in Eritrea and East Africa region. toumzghisen11 AT gmail.com skype:toumsen13 He is a HIFA Country Representative


[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): Thank you Toumzghi (and thank you for your longstanding support as a HIFA CR in Eritrea). I checked the Foreword of the original version and discovered an important point that has not yet been mentioned: 'This Pocket Book is for use by doctors, nurses and other health professionals who are responsible for the care of children and adolescents at the primary health care level *in the WHO European Region* [my emphasis]. Its recommendations are widely applicable and may be adapted by countries to suit their own specific circumstances with the support of the WHO Regional Office for Europe.' As it stands, therefore, this book is not intended for direct use outside Europe. This raises questions about a possible disconnect between its intended use and its actual use. It also raises questions about how important it is that such a text should not be used outside the region for which it is intended, and the visibility of corresponding guidance (the cover indicates that it was published by the WHO Europe office but the title is general and the specific intended readership is buried in the Foreword.]