Pre-publication release of Treatment of Migrant Children on the US Southern Border Is Torture (3)

2 November, 2020

Dear Charles and Tony and ALL,

it has been a complex issue NOT only in USA but also all around the world (unfortunately)

Children deserve a BETTER care and their health rights to be cared and socially protected as a humanitarian priority

i have been studying this violence and torture and all traumatic and health effects children and adolescents suffer due to political-economic-climate disruptions and impunity, here-there-everywhere!

Please find attached a document from United Nations Human Rights (2016) > How can children survive torture> FYI//. [*]

i am also attaching a chapter i helped and co-authored [*] > Challenges faced by international migrants and refugees to the health, development and well being of adolescents and youth > chapter 17 pages 349-403 <

of the book > Clinical Care for Homeless, Runaway and Refugee Youth, Intervention, Approaches and Research Directions edited by Curren Warf and Charles Grant and published by Springer available at

Brazilian regards


Clinical Care for Homeless, Runaway and Refugee Youth - Intervention Approaches, Education and Research Directions | Curren Warf | Springer<>

This is a practical book designed to promote effective interdisciplinary health and social care interventions targeting adolescents who are homeless or at risk for homelessness while including contributions from experts that work directly with these vulnerable populations.

CHIFA profile: Evelyn Eisenstein is Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at Centro de Estudos Integrados, Infancia, Adolescencia, Saude, CEIIAS in Brazil. Professional interests: Child and Adolescent Growth, UN-CRC health rights, digital health and Internet risks for children and teens/youth, medical risks like nutritional, infectious and sexual/reproductive disorders.

Email address: evelynbrasil AT

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The chapter of the book i have only the FINAL draft exactly as it was published by the book editor but it would be tooooo long to add it here (so sorry) so perhaps you could just mention it and the link for the publisher Springer (for purchase, unfortunately) as this is a public health important topic/>

but the link for the UN Human Rights (2016) document on how children survive torture is public and available (here, below):

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Thanks, TW]