Press release: Global Healthcare Information Network CIC enters into Official Relations with the World Health Organization (3)

20 February, 2022

This is fantastic news, congratulations. A vital step in the right direction.

HIFA profile: Ruth Martis is a registered midwife, who holds a PhD from the Liggins Institute, The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her research centred on glycaemic targets and experiences for women with GDM. Currently she is the Head of the Midwifery School at the Waikato Institute of Technology, Hamilton, New Zealand and a locum midwife for remote rural areas in New Zealand. She is passionate about midwifery education, physiological birth, impact of fear in childbirth, newborn examination, neonatal resuscitation, intermittent auscultation, fetal movements in labour, teenage pregnancies, lactation, gestational diabetes, knowledge transfer and research synthesis and refugee health. Ruth is a Cochrane systematic review author of several reviews. She was involved in the five year SEA-ORCHID research project as clinical educator in South East Asia.