Quality (322) Patient Safety in Fragile, Conflict-affected and Vulnerable settings

19 April, 2022

The message below is forward from the Global Patient Safety Network:


Dear colleagues,

At the Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London we have recently published a couple of papers on patient safety in fragile, conflict-affected and vulnerable settings. This is an area which requires urgent additional research and attention, and I hope you will find the articles attached below of interest.

Kind regards

Alexandra Shaw





COMMENT (NPW): The first URL points out that '2 billion people live in FCV settings... The majority of FCV settings are within low- and middle-income countries and patient safety incidents in these countries account for an estimated 134 million adverse events and 2.5 million deaths annually'. The second, an 'evidence scanning approach for identifying patient safety interventions', finds that 'The majority of studies identified related to strengthening infection prevention and control which was also found to be the ‘better bet’ intervention that could generalise to other settings, be most feasible to implement, and most effective for improving patient care and associated outcomes. Other prioritized interventions include risk management, with contributing elements such as reporting,

audits, and death review processes.' The third is a protocol for further research.]

Best wishes, Neil

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, Global Coordinator HIFA, www.hifa.org neil@hifa.org

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