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Quality of health care (1)

2 July, 2021

Dear HIFA and HIFA-Zambia colleagues,

As we explore issues around how to increase quality of healthcare [https://www.hifa.org/news/learning-quality-health-services-new-thematic-... I invite you to share current research on this topic.

Here is a paper from the journal Health care management science, looking at quality of HIV services in several African countries. Unfortunately the full text is restricted access. I have requested the full text from the authors.

CITATION: Sosa-Rubi S.G. et al. Efficiency, quality, and management practices in health facilities providing outpatient HIV services in Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and Zambia.

Health care management science. 24 (1) (pp 41-54), 2021. Date of Publication: 01 Mar 2021. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33544323/


Few studies have assessed the efficiency and quality of HIV services in low-resource settings or considered the factors that determine both performance dimensions. To provide insights on the performance of outpatient HIV prevention units, we used benchmarking methods to identify best-practices in terms of technical efficiency and process quality and uncover management practices with the potential to improve efficiency and quality. We used data collected in 338 facilities in Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, and Zambia. Data envelopment analysis (DEA) was used to estimate technical efficiency. Process quality was estimated using data from medical vignettes. We mapped the relationship between efficiency and quality scores and studied the managerial determinants of best performance in terms of both efficiency and quality. We also explored the relationship between management factors and efficiency and quality independently. We found levels of both technical efficiency and process quality to be low, though there was substantial variation across countries. One third of facilities were mapped in the best-performing group with above-median efficiency and above-median quality. Several management practices were associated with best performance in terms of both efficiency and quality. When considering efficiency and quality independently, the patterns of associations between management practices and the two performance dimensions were not necessarily the same. One management characteristic was associated with best performance in terms of efficiency and quality and also positively associated with efficiency and quality independently: number of supervision visits to HIV units.

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