Question about World Bank School enrolment data(2)

22 November, 2020

Dear Dr Wirnitzer,

On CHIFA Dgroups website, no one has answered before you did enquiring

about Prof Hajime Takeuchi's 23 August 2020 query. I do not have the

answer, but, I searched on the internet.

I referred to website1:,compiled%20from%20officially%20recognized%20sources


Quote: Tertiary education, whether or not to an advanced research

qualification, normally requires, as a minimum condition of admission, the

successful completion of education at the secondary level.

and website2:,long%3A%20More%20than%206%20years


The International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) level 5

and level 6 are tertiary education

Level 5B is the first stage of tertiary education and according to

website1 would be included in tertiary % gross

and website 3:

has World Bank School enrolment data till 2013, extracted in June 2014

that correlates well with website 1 for India data

I hope their helps.



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