Recent publication on social innovation in health (3) Building the social innovation for health ecosystem in Latin America

22 June, 2022

Dear HIFA Forum colleagues,

Another of the papers included in the recently published BMJ Innovations special supplement devoted to social innovation in health was the paper entitled “Building the social innovation for health ecosystem in Latin America: experiences and learning from SIHI-LAC”, available at the following link:

This is a processes and system discussion type paper. It was prepared with the purpose of sharing the SIHI Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Hub experience since its creation in 2017, including the influence it has had on social innovation initiatives for health and the lessons learnt. Social innovation for health has grown in relevance and momentum across Latin America, as it can be appreciated from this paper and from other papers included in the BMJ Innovations special supplement.

The SIHI-LAC (, is an ecosystem approach to advance social innovation within health systems across the LAC region. We expect that this paper will provide guidance to other countries and regions interested in strengthening their social innovation for health ecosystems. It is necessary to highlight the potential of social innovation for health and to promote investment to build strong ecosystems that can support social innovation initiatives.

For the Honduras Node of the SIHI LAC Hub, it was a great opportunity to participate in this analysis. The young Honduran professionals that collaborated, had the possibility to understand the importance of social innovation in health initiatives and the results of some regional and global core activities on which they have actively participated and contributed.


HIFA-es Moderator

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