Register now: Launch of the WHO APP of Primary Health Care for Children and Adolescents - 29.April 2024

23 April, 2024

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the WHO APP of Primary Health Care for Children and Adolescents in the European Region digitalizing the sought after Pocket Book of Primary Health Care for Children and Adolescents.

We cordially invite you to attend the launch event co-hosted by the WHO Athens Office on Quality of Care and the Hellenic Ministry of Health on April 29th (Monday) at 14:00-15:30 (UTC +3) online.

Please register here:

Kindly note that the available places are limited to 500 and will be assigned on a first comes- first served basis.

The APP:

The APP will be available for free on the day of the launch.

About the event:

Primary health care is the most inclusive, effective and efficient approach to promoting both the physical and mental health of everyone in a community—including children and adolescents. Yet, health services provided at the primary health care level to children and adolescents vary in scope and quality across the region; sometimes -rightly or wrongly- perceived by parents and patients as sub-standard and by-passed to access services at hospitals.

The Pocket Book of Primary Health Care for Children and Adolescents – published 2 years ago - provides up-to-date guidance for the management of common conditions which primary health care providers encounter when they care for children and adolescents. It sets standards for which services should be available at the primary health care level. It is for use by doctors, nurses and other health professionals who are responsible for the care of children and adolescents at the primary health care level across the WHO European Region. It is now complemented by an iOS and android APP that in addition to the entire content of the Pocket Book also includes a number of practical tools, such as a drug calculator, a growth chart plotter and other useful features.

The launch will highlight contents and features of the APP, and reflect on the implementation of the APP and way forward. To win a hard copy participate in the: Pocket Book quiz<> now! The winner of the Pocket Book quiz will be announced during the event.

Speakers will feature representatives of the ministry of health from Greece and from partner organizations including EAP, ECPCP, EPA, UNICEF, WONCA and others.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank and celebrate all our colleagues, nurses, doctors, experts, individuals and organizations, and last but certainly not least our developer team, who worked with us over the last two years to make this APP possible!

The Pocket Book is available for download here: Hard copies can be ordered through the WHO bookshop<> at<> (Order number 13400220 – Price: 40 CHF).

We hope you will join us for the launch and more importantly in the endeavour to ensure all children and adolescents across the WHO European region receive the care they need.

Please share this invitation with other colleagues.

If you have any questions, please email<> and<>.

Best wishes,

Susanne Carai

HIFA profile: Susanne Carai MD. MA

Consultant Child and Adolescent Health and Quality of Care

Division of Country Health Policies and Systems

WHO Athens Quality of Care Office │ Ploutarchou 3 │ 10675 Athens, Greece

World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe

+45 71 64 52 13<>


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