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17 December, 2021

Join us for a groundbreaking conversation between the Respectful Maternal & Newborn Care (RMC) and Global Health Compassion (GHC) communities.


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Global Health Compassion and Respectful Maternal & Newborn Care: Exploring Intersections and Synergies

Thursday, December 16, 2021

11:00 am-12:30 pm EDT (UTC -5)

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Respect and compassion are increasingly recognized as essential for quality health care and for improving both patient experiences and outcomes as well as provider well-being and resilience.Two recent movements in global health—respectful maternal & newborn care (RMC) and global health compassion (GHC)—emphasize the importance of often unaddressed issues of respect, human dignity, and compassion.

Although the aims of RMC and GHC are similar in many respects, these two communities have yet to explore the points of connection between their respective conceptual approaches, goals, or practices. The purpose of this Rounds is to bring these two communities into conversation and explore ways in which they can support and amplify each other’s efforts through greater understanding and alignment.


Özge Tunçalp

Scientist, Dept. of Reproductive Health & Research

World Health Organization

Özge Tunçalp, MD, PhD, MPH, is a physician and epidemiologist who leads the research, evidence synthesis, and implementation portfolio on antenatal care at WHO. Furthermore, she plays a key role in the WHO-initiated Global Network on Quality of Care that focuses on the experience of maternal health care, including mistreatment of women and labour companionship. Her work includes research and development of WHO guides, such as "Recommendations on Antenatal Care for Positive Pregnancy Experience" and "Programme Reporting Standards for Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health (SRMNCAH)," among others.

David Addiss

Founder/Director, Focus Area for Compassion and Ethics

Task Force for Global Health

David Addiss, MD, MPH, is a public health physician whose interest in the role of compassion in global health motivated him to found the Focus Area for Compassion & Ethics (FACE). He has worked as a general practitioner in migrant health, a medical epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, director and global advisor of neglected tropical disease (NTD) programs at The Task Force for Global Health, and program director in science and spirituality at the Fetzer Institute. He holds adjunct faculty appointments at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health and University of Notre Dame Eck Institute for Global Health.

Elena Ateva

Advocacy Manager, White Ribbon Alliance

Elena Ateva, JD, is a human rights lawyer who has dedicated her career to preventing violence against women, including in childbirth, intimate partner relationships, and trafficking. At White Ribbon Alliance, she facilitates the work of the Global Respectful Maternity Care Council and leads global advocacy efforts to strengthen the midwifery workforce and improve reproductive, maternal, and newborn health and rights. She is also the the Maternal Health Lead for the USAID/Health Policy Plus Project and contributes to the maternal health efforts of the Interagency Working Group for Reproductive Health in Crises (IAWG). Additionally, Elena has been involved inthe movement for respectful care in her home country, Bulgaria, and throughout Eastern Europe.

Sheena Currie

Senior Maternal Health Advisor, Jhpiego

Sheena Currie, RN, RM, MEd, PGCE, is a British midwife educator and maternal and newborn health expert. For over 20 years, she has provided technical guidance in the development, management, and evaluation of maternal and newborn health programs, including support for skilled birth attendants, especially midwives. Sheena has experience in many countries, including Afghanistan, India, Myanmar, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Yemen. She has also contributed to the professionalization of midwifery in several countries and is a pioneering advocate for respectful care for women in childbirth.

Damas Dukundane

Oncologist & Internal Medicine Physician

King Faisal Hospital, Kigali, Rwanda

Damas Dukundane, MD, MMed, is a consultant physician in internal medicine and medical oncologist at King Faisal Hospital, the largest referral hospital in Rwanda. He trained as an internist at the University of Rwanda and completed a medical oncology fellowship at Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, India. He also previously worked at the Butaro Cancer Centre of Excellence, the first comprehensive cancer care center in rural East Africa. "Compassionate care to me means empowering the patient to make the best possible decisions regarding their health care in the most non-judgmental way possible."

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