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24 September, 2022

Translating Science into Action: Measuring & Enhancing Compassion

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

11:00 am-12:30 pm EDT (UTC -4)

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Did you know that researchers are currently developing and implementing compassion measures in healthcare and public health settings?

This Global Health Compassion Rounds focuses on measuring and enhancing compassion - translating the innovative work of researchers into a discussion about real-world application. In global health, it is important that we are able to demonstrate the effectiveness of compassionate approaches to care, not only to cultivate compassion but evaluate our progress toward quality care and foster buy-in from leadership and staff.

Join us as we think about how compassion measures and other value-based metrics can aid in efforts to enhance compassionate care, and what future research is needed to meet the needs of the people working to do so - at the individual, facility, community, and health system level.

The perspectives of our panelists will reveal opportunities and barriers to measuring compassion and improved quality of care. The learnings from this webinar can guide others in global health as they consider how they might implement new or adapt current efforts to enhance compassion in their settings.

The Panelists

Ian Spillman, MD

Former Medical Superintendent at Kisiizi Hospital, a community hospital in southern Uganda, Clinical lead of Stre@mline Health

Dr. Spillman worked in the NHS until 1987 when he and his wife Hanna, a midwife, moved to southwest Uganda to work with Tear Fund at the Church of Uganda Kisiizi Hospital. After 6 years at Kisiizi, he subsequently worked as a consultant pediatrician in the UK, where he developed Stre@mline, a patient-centered electronic medical record IT system. Returning to Kisiizi in 2012, Dr. Spillman spent 10 years there as Medical Superintendent and Pediatrican. While at Kisiizi he further developed Stre@mline, incorporating key patient safety features highlighted by the WHO African Partnerships for Patient Safety program and integrating a health insurance module, patient finances, procurement & stock control etc. Stre@mline has since been rolled out to 38 hospitals & clinics in Uganda and has just won first prize in the 2022 Swiss Re Foundation for Resilience Award, which will allow expansion of community health insurance to many more vulnerable communities. Dr. Spillman also contributed to the

development of the recently launched WHO Quality Toolkit.

Shane Sinclair, PhD

Professor and Director of the Compassion Research Lab-Advancing the Arts & Science of Compassion, University of Calgary

Dr. Sinclair is a Professor with the University of Calgary, Faculty of Nursing and is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Oncology, Cumming School of Medicine and the Catholic University of Portugal. He is also Director of the Compassion Research Lab, which conducts nationally funded research on compassion—with his recent study on Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion being awarded 'Paper of the Year', by Palliative Medicine. Clinically, he is a certified spiritual health practitioner where his contributions to the field of spirituality and health were recently recognized by the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care's highest honor—their lifetime achievement award. He is also the recipient of the International Psychosocial Oncology Society New Investigator Award, the Canadian Institutes for Health research—Institute of Cancer research CAPO Award for Research Excellence, and is a former top 40 under 40 awardee.

Chintan Maru, MD

Managing Director of Global Development Incubator,

CEO & Founder of Leapfrog to Value

Dr. Maru believes that health systems should promote not only physical well-being, but also human flourishing. He is CEO & Co-Founder of Leapfrog to Value, a platform advancing the field of value-based care in India, South Africa. Ghana, Kenya, and beyond. He is also Managing Director of the Global Development Incubator where he has built a portfolio of initiatives focused on improving health systems. Prior to founding Leapfrog to Value, he was a consultant in McKinsey & Co's health systems practice, where he led value-based care reforms for payers. providers, and state governments in the United States; and advised on public sector delivery transformations in Africa. He also co-wrote a report for WHO/PAHO on financing primary care in Latin America. Dr. Maru is a graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, a former Public Policy and International Affairs Fellow at Princeton University, and a Fulbright Scholar to Jamaica. When he isn't geeking out on health systems, he plays Capoeira


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