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15 May, 2022

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What an exciting time for AfroPHC! Dr Kara Hanson, chair of The Lancet Global Health Commission on financing primary health care: putting people at the centre [ provided an overview of the Lancet Report at the monthly meeting of the AfroPHC South Africa Chapter yesterday, Friday, 13 May 2022. See presentation and recordings here.[ The Lancet Report is an important support for the draft AfroPHC policy framework “Building the Primary Health Care Team for Universal Health Coverage in Africa”.

This policy framework has seen comments via the AfroPHC Advisory Board Meeting of 5th May 2022 and generated great support and excitement across Supporting Organisations. However much more work remains. This first draft AfroPHC policy framework is an argument for policymakers to prioritise PHC teamwork for holistic care of empanelled populations in decentralised units of community practice. We see the definition of PHC services and modelling of teams in the light of country resources, emerging mixed capitation payment systems in UHC reforms across Africa, the inclusion of private providers and the use of complexity theory in organising PHC in Africa as critical supports that are needed to build PHC teams for UHC in Africa. It is available here in preparation for the AfroPHC Conference next week 17-18th May, where the focus will be all on the document. See latest draft and join us at the conference! It is free and open to anyone supporting AfroPHC. Details here [] Diarise the date! [

We are grateful for the kickoff panel including WONCA World President, PHCPI Executive Director, WHO AFRO representatives and AfroPHC Board Members. However, we expect see the conference as being mostly an opportunity for AfroPHC members and supporters to discuss policy framework in groups and share feedback. It is most important that everyone reads the latest draft before joining us next week. Details here [] Diarise the date! [

All AfroPHC members will be invited so please join AfroPHC [] at no cost. All AfroPHC members will be informed of the details of the conference (including zoom links).

The AfroPHC Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be 11am-2pm GMT on Thursday 19th May. The agenda and all documents, including an updated report to the AGM, are available. We will also be electing three new members of the AfroPHC Executive Board. All details, including four candidates standing, are here []. Join AfroPHC [] or simply update your membership there using your original email. Only members will be allowed into the AGM.

We are keen that the consultation on the policy framework is not just limited to the Conference but gets extended to various stakeholders across Africa, including the various AfroPHC chapter consultations across different regions in Africa. We have delayed the monthly chapter meetings and will start with Southern African on 17th June 2022. See details here []. Tell all your colleagues to join AfroPHC and / or join us there. We hope to engage other stakeholders over the next few months and to then convene workshop in September 2022 with the Advisory Board where we can finalise the document and launch it between October and December 2022. If you or a key stakeholder wishes to engage with us on this please reach out!

We always have wonderful AfroPHC Policy Workshops. The one on “Oral Health in African PHC” 19th April was no different with really robust discussions with leading dentists in Africa. It has been a great approach to engage frontline PHC providers in a meaningful way. We continue after the Conference with “Point of Care Testing in African PHC” 11am-2pm GMT Tues 21st June. We hope to add all these elements still to our policy framework. It must represent the range of PHC teamwork possible in Africa. See details here. []

AfroPHC also provides great value for members at no cost: management course, research support and CPD.

The AfroPHC Management Course continues with great gusto with 434 enrollees to date, full meetings of 50+ and great group discussions. The deadline for 2022 registration is 30th June and completion is end 2022. See all details, including orientation, presentations and recordings here [].

The AfroPHC Research Group Meeting agenda is moving along well, with 144 people involved to date in the mentorship programme. Meetings are well attended with 50+ attendees and great group discussions. See all details, including orientation, presentations and recordings here [] More supervisors are welcome to show interest there.

AfroPHC Continuing Professional Development continues with 400-600 weekly via the WCEA platform. More details here. [].

AfroPHC efforts at developing a framework for a two-year modular online clinical post-graduate diploma course in Family Medicine/PHC for doctors, nurse clinicians and clinical officers continue. We would love to have more clinical teachers show interest [].

Anyone can join AfroPHC and get access to the course at no cost. Join AfroPHC to access it. []

Join AfroPHC [] and build the PHC team for African UHC! Don’t hesitate to share this email with colleagues who may be interested!

Don’t forget to engage with us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and keep in touch!

Pray keep well and safe

rgds, Shabir

Prof S. Moosa


HIFA profile: Shabir Moosa is an Associate Professor and Family Physician in the Department of Family Medicine & Primary Health Care, Johannesburg Health District and University of Witwatersrand. He is executive coordinator of AfroPHC. an organisation of leaders of PHC healthcare workers across Africa. Visit website and email shabir AT