Scholarly Kitchen: Please can you tell us a bit about HIFA, including the history, purpose, and goals of the organization?

26 August, 2023

"HIFA is a global campaign for a world where every person has access to the information they need to protect their own health and the health of others. It is administered by a small non-profit called Global Healthcare Information Network (GHI-Net), based near Oxford UK. HIFA emerged following the publication of a 2004 Lancet paper, which argued that the global evidence ecosystem isn’t working, due largely to intrinsic weaknesses in the system itself, with consequent and pervasive lack of availability of timely, relevant, reliable healthcare information at all levels of care, especially in low- and middle-income countries. The paper called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to champion the goal of universal access to reliable healthcare information. WHO encouraged GHI-Net to take the lead. Our primary purpose is to champion universal access and strengthen the intrinsic weaknesses — poor communication and coordination, poor understanding, and poor advocacy across the global evidence system — as identified in the Lancet paper..."

Our #1 priority right now is to secure high-level political and financial commitment to universal access. We can only do this if we can demonstrate public support. We need 10,000 voices. We call on everyone to add your voice by completing our 5-minute global survey:

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HIFA profile: Neil Pakenham-Walsh is coordinator of HIFA (Healthcare Information For All), a global health community that brings all stakeholders together around the shared goal of universal access to reliable healthcare information. HIFA has 20,000 members in 180 countries, interacting in four languages and representing all parts of the global evidence ecosystem. HIFA is administered by Global Healthcare Information Network, a UK-based nonprofit in official relations with the World Health Organization. Email: