Scholarships for Global Health Professional Development

2 January, 2024

Dear HIFA Community,

Please distribute these exciting scholarship opportunities for trainees and early career professionals to experience global health first hand embedded within clinical and public health delivery systems in 10 countries in partnership with Child Family Health International (CFHI).

Scholarships are available for virtual and in-person internships, practicums, and electives. Dedicated scholarships are available for students from HBCU institutions and those living in LMIC settings. Please pay close attention to the scholarships available for the virtual global health elective which is a four week virtual elective with trainees and young professionals from around the global focusing on cross-cultural effectiveness, intersectoral global health, global health ethics, low resource clinical reasoning, planetary health, and more. Details on that opportunity are here:

All recipients gain access to our foundational course "Pillars of Global Health" which include cross-cultural effectiveness training in collaboration with Aperian Global and the Kozai Group.


Thanks! Jess


Jessica Evert MD

Global Medical Director, Child Family Health International

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HIFA profile: Jessica Evert is Global Medical Director, Child Family Health International, USA.