Science and health lectures for 11 and 12 year olds (2)

16 December, 2022

A marvellous initiative Richard, the scope timely - similar to a Christmas Lecture series at the RI.


Lecture 1. 46 billion year tineline of Sun, Earth, nature and life.

That's 4.6 billion years?

Lecture 6. patient portals and access to personal health records linked to health information.

Hopefully children can learn and appreciate the need for lifelong learning and being/staying as well as they can.

At the same time there are politicians, policies that would deny people their 'patiency'.


Of course Hodges' model can be used to conceptually relate all these lectures and themes. ;-)

Would be interested - seriously - in how 11 - 12 .. year olds would understand Hodges' model.

Jones P, Wirnitzer K. Hodges’ model: the Sustainable Development Goals and public health – universal health coverage demands a universal framework. BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health 2022;0:e000254. doi:10.1136/bmjnph-2021-000254

Kind regards and best wishes for the Season N & S :: E & W

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HIFA profile: Peter Jones is a Community Mental Health Nurse with the NHS in NW England and a a part-time tutor at Bolton University. Peter champions a conceptual framework - Hodges' model - that can be used to facilitate personal and group reflection and holistic / integrated care. A bibliography is provided at the blog 'Welcome to the QUAD' ( h2cmuk AT