Science and health lectures for 11 and 12 year olds (3)

18 December, 2022


Yes, I think that the Hodges model could work to engage the students. The Hodges method is an educational exercise? *and the building blocks are health and care concepts. These could be those that will arise during adolescence and early and later adult and reproductive life. Would this produce a domain of knowledge as two-by-two tables taken from the students' comments and from the presentation/conversations. The contents, ultimately the Sustainable Development Goals, and reduction in NCDs could then be linked and relationships discussed. Results would be produced gradually, building a cognitive or mind-map.

Here is a link to two public and professional health educational exercises that we undertook in 2011 using a musician and actor and poet for "the No 1 and no 2 interludes" (

We undertook a survey of the students' opinion of the 7-million-year hominid presentation (a classroom presentation whilst the 4.6 billion year 46 metre long outside timeline was on a playing field). The distance walked worked well to convey the length of time of the planet, oceans, atmosphere, sun, life etc. one million years was one centimetre on the 50 metre long tape measure.

We may do another one in June 2023 "What is the future and who what is creating it?"

*Hodges’ model: the Sustainable Development Goals and public health –

universal health coverage demands a universal framework (



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