Season's greetings from HIFA and an invitation to support our work in 2024 (3)

4 January, 2024

Dear all,

As requested by Neil I'm forwarding my testimonial of admiration for HIFA - and its recommendation of turning admiration into practical benefit by regular donation of at least something ! [*see note below]

(Reliable) Health information for all is such an important objective - and ever more so with the spread of DISinformation- that everyone with a spare fiver should be supporting the wonderful charity of the same name and its tiny but devoted staff. Go on, set up a direct debit however big or small!

Written with huge admiration, Raanan Gillon

Emeritus Professor of Medical Ethics, Imperial College London

HIFA profile: Raanan Gillon is Emeritus Professor of Medical Ethics at Imperial College London, UK, and former President of the British Medical Association. Professional interests: A range of ethical issues in health care including the possibility of wide international agreement on basic ethical principles. raanan.gillon AT

[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): Thank you so much Professor Gillon for your generous financial support for HIFA for many years - indeed since 2012. If other HIFA members feel able to make a regular donation, please visit our fundraising platform here: Thank you]