'Should doctors who spread misinformation lose their credentials? This group thinks so' (6)

15 June, 2022

Hi all,

Thanks for raising this important topic. I'm involved with infodemiology, misinformation and social listening in South Africa. In August last year we reported Dr Susan Vosloo to the Health Professions Council of SA for widely spreading Covid conspiracies and vaccine disinformation. I can send the formal complaint to anyone who is interested.

I know the HCPSA is taking this seriously and investigating, but there hasn't been a formal ruling 10 months later. The damage has been done - there is widespread vaccine resistance in SA, and sometimes people cite Dr

Vosloo. Does anyone have experience of how to do this process more quickly, while still following due process? Widely trashing specific medic in the media spreads the misinfo more widely, making the person look like a martyr for the 'truth'.

Best wishes,


HIFA profile: Peter Benjamin is SA director of HealthEnabled, South Africa. Professional interests: Digital health, mHealth, Empowerment through health information. Email address: peter AT healthenabled.org