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Skills for Health (2)

15 March, 2023

Thanks Felix. This is a very good initiative. [ https://www.hifa.org/dgroups-rss/skills-health ] And I like the idea because research benefit the elite directly and the masses indirectly. While the skills sharing will benefit the communities directly as they be empowered in all aspects. I feel this is a good empowering the community tool. These days health need to be taken to the people and not to wait for the people to come to the hospitals. This is one way of reducing medical costs because in long term prevention will emerge. I'm interested and I'm Rebecca Ngalande from southern Africa Malawi a retired midwife but currently do capacity building in classroom, clinical and community teaching, assessments, and research mainly for faculty of midwifery but in the process also built capacity of practicing midwives and teach student midwives in any country I'm needed.


HIFA profile: Rebecca C Ngalande is a Maternal and Neonatal Health Specialist Mentor & Consultant. Currently working in Malawi, and previously at Deanna Kay Isaacson Midwifery Training School In Liberia as Mentor to midwifery faculty as well as faculty member for midwifery students. najeremanna AT gmail.com