Stories on Netflix for Sex education - seem to work well and might work in other health education and training spheres?

21 December, 2022

Sex Education (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDb -

Exploring teenage literature before our History of Medicine and the lifecycle lecture to year 7s and year 8 I was sold and recommended "Sex Education" - a guide to life by the owners of "categories is books"

bookshop in Glasgow. The book is aimed at 16 to 18 year olds and uses the Netflix series stories and characters Ola, Aimee, Lily, Adam, Jackson, Maeve, Otis, Rby, Anwar, Olivia, , Cal, Rahim etc in a fictional school "Moordale"

The foreword is by Laurie Nunn the creator of the Netflix series "Sex Education" set in a fictional academy for 16 to 18 year olds., Moordale,

"Secondary School was a pretty uncomfortable experience for me. I was painfully awkward, had thick braces on my teeth, wore glasses and suffered from chronic acne of the back. Along with an obsession with musical theatre and writing Lord of the Rings fan-fiction, I felt like I was doomed to never fit in. Like many nerdy teens before me, I turned to YA films and TV shows as a way of escaping from my reality. I lived vicariously through the characters of "Dawson's Creek" "the OC"£ and "Ten things I hate about you."

Watching hem making friends, falling in love and having sex made me fel less alone. In these teenage universes, the bullies always got their comeuppances, the geek always succeeded and the invisible girls always got the boys of their dreams. "

"I've carried this love of the teen genre into my adult life. So when I started writing for TV I knew it was a teenage world I wanted to inhabit and "Sex Education" was the perfect vehicle to let my inner sixteen year old invisible girl fly. I wanted to create a show that felt warm and uplifting where characters were kind to each other and vulnerability was considered brave. I also wanted the series to be a call for better communication and an antidote to the inadequate information most of us were taught about sex and relationships at school"

The book covers:@

"Friendship and why it matters"

"Understanding identity"

"All bodies great and small"

"Love and relationships"

"Lose the shame, keep the pleasure"

"Enter the world of safe sex"

"The low down on STIs!

"Love in the digital age"

"Ther serrious stuff" - unplanned pregnancy, rape, adoption, seual assault.discrimination and assault,

"A deep dive into mental health"

"A short guide to happiness - or at least help you on the way."

We could write a misinformation story for Netflix!!


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