Support required: assessing the geographical indicators of physical access to emergency obstetric and newborn care in Pakistan

22 February, 2022

Dear Neil and all members,

Wanted to seek support from this vibrant community regarding a project I am working on using AccessMod 5.0. Would any of the esteemed members help me in findings DEM, Raster files and shape files of Pakistan? AccessMod is a tool developed by WHO (geographical modelling tool) and I am planing to use it to assess the geographical indicators of physical access to Emergency obstetric and newborn care. Digital Elevation Model DEM, Raster and Shape files are basically files used for geospatial and GIS data.

Or anyone can tell me how I can access these files?

Looking forward to hearing from you all,

Thanking you and with best regards,

Mariam Z.Malik

Manager Technical & Administrative Support Unit

Contech International Health Consultants

2-G Model Town,


Ph: 92-42-35888798-99 ext 107

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HIFA profile: Mariam Z Malik is Business Development Manager at Contech International, Pakistan. Her professional interests include Health and health care information. mariam.zahid AT