SUPPORT-SYSTEMS (2) Launch of Global Health Watch 6: In the shadow of the pandemic

13 April, 2022

The message below is forwarded from the People's Health Movement. It is likely this publication and webinar will include content that is highly relevant to HIFA's current work on civil society representation in health policymaking ( ). I would like to invite a HIFA volunteer to attend the webinar and share your observations with us afterwards. Contact:


Dear all,

People's Health Movement (PHM) is happy to announce the launch of the sixth edition of its flagship publication Global Health Watch (GHW6). As a definitive report for an alternative discourse on health, GHW has created a strong place for itself among health activists, civil society and university systems.

We have entered the third consecutive year of the worst pandemic in a century. The misery and devastation caused in the last two years has rattled most of us, although the virus is not solely to blame. Drug companies’ greed, health system privatization, weakened global governance, war and conflict, and the inadequacy of public health systems - all contributed to people’s suffering. GHW6 examines these issues through a political-economic lens, showing connections between the social, economic, political, commercial and environmental determinants of health and the structure of global power relations. The narratives of resistance and social movement activism are spread throughout the book and set it apart from other writing in this field.

The book has been co-produced by PHM, Medact, Third World Network, Health Poverty Action, Medico International, ALAMES, Viva Salud and Sama.

Together with medicusmundi and Médicos del Mundo, we cordially invite you to the launch and Panel Discussion that includes speakers who have been involved in giving shape to this endeavour.

Following are the details:

Launch of

Global Health Watch 6: In the shadow of the pandemic

Date: 27 April, 2022

Time: 6.30 PM CEST / 4.30 PM UTC

Venue: Staggered Classroom, School of Labor Relations, C. de San Bernardo, 49, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Click here to join on zoom:

Zoom ID: 810 3071 5128; Passcode: 494687

Interpretations in English, español, français, عربى

Please note: interpretation will be on Zoom only; in order to access interpretation, you will need a smartphone (wifi will be available in the room) and headphones.


Roman Vega, Global Coordinator of PHM, Colombia

Manuel Espinel, Professor of Sociology, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

Ronald Labonte, Professor, School of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Ottawa and GHW6 co-editor, Canada

Sulakshana Nandi, Health Researcher & PHM health systems circle co-coordinator, India

Susana Barria, People’s Health Movement

Amulya Nidhi,National co-convenor, PHM India, India

Anne-Emanuelle Birn, Professor of Global Development Studies, University of Toronto & PHM Canada


Neil Pakenham-Walsh, Global Coordinator HIFA,