SUPPORT-SYSTEMS (74) Digital Health Equity and Support Systems

6 June, 2022

Equity remains a critical yet complex issue in Quality healthcare

In a recent Paper published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), *The Syndemic of Inequity and Covid-19 in Virtual Care* (JMIR,June 2022), I argue that in the absence of a shift in the exclusive traditional paradigm of the discipline, particularly in acknowledging its intersections with diverse and dynamic community context, the system may not be adequately able to be responsive, accountable or inclusive as per the sustainable vision of WHO’s “One Planet, One Health “

I would like to share a link to the article with everyone in the HIFA Forum, to add our experience, expertise and insights about challenges of disparities in policies, priorities and practices of healthcare, in the ongoing conversation about the Support System Project, particularly mindful of the critical need for embedding the equity context in its digital transformation.

Link for the Paper :

Let us make equity a core principle of global healthcare discourse and not regard it simply as an afterthought.

Esha Ray Chaudhuri


HIFA profile: Esha Ray Chaudhuri is an Equity Analyst, in Canada. Professional interests: Equity Issues in Health and Health Care with particular focus on interface of Local and Global contexts. She is a member of two HIFA working groups: HIFA SUPPORT-SYSTEMS - How can decision-making processes for health systems strengthening and universal health coverage be made more inclusive, responsive and accountable? and the WHO-HIFA Catalyst Group on Learning for quality health services. Email address: ed.consult3 AT