Tobacco (13) Tobacco control in Indonesia

23 February, 2023

Indonesia has various regulations regarding smoking. There are rules that prohibit people from smoking while riding a motorbike. Smoking is prohibited while in the Non-Smoking Area (health care facilities; teaching and learning process areas; children's play areas; places of worship; public transportation; workplaces; public places; and other designated places).

The press is also prohibited from publishing advertisements demonstrating the form of cigarettes and or the use of cigarettes. Broadcast commercial advertisements are also prohibited from carrying out cigarette promotions that demonstrate the appearance of cigarettes. Films which are the main elements of film activities and film business are prohibited from containing content that encourages the general public to use addictive substances.

The government also has regulations regarding the inclusion of health warnings and health information on cigarette product packaging. There are also rules governing the levels of nicotine and tar in cigarettes; requirements for the production and sale of cigarettes; and cigarette advertising and promotion requirements.

What is needed is monitoring of the implementation of these rules. In addition, efforts must be made to make these rules more useful. For example, by making rules about cigarette packs to be plain. Make rules that prohibit cigarette advertisements. Making cigarette excise rules that make cigarette prices difficult to reach.

Jum’atil Fajar

HIFA Profile: Jum’atil Fajar is Medical Care Manager at RSUD dr. H. Soemarno Sosroatmodjo Kuala Kapuas, Indonesia. Professional interests: Distributing electronic health information among doctors. jumatil AT