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6 March, 2023

Anyone have any updates or data on predictors of physicians' smoking levels and smoking advice, and/or on the role of the Healthy Doc=Healthy Patient relationship -- the role of physicians' low personal tobacco-use habits and their related, relatively high levels of tobacco-related patient counseling?

Frank E, Winkleby MW, Altman D, Rockhill B, Fortmann SP. 1991. Predictors of physicians’ smoking cessation advice. Journal of the American Medical Association; 266:3139-3144. [1]

Frank E, Elon E, Carrera JS, Hertzberg VS. 2007. Predictors of US medical students’ prevention counseling practices. Preventive Medicine; 44(1):76-81. [2]



Erica Frank, MD, MPH, FACPM

Professor, University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine


Principal Investigator, Healthy Doc = Healthy Patient

HIFA profile: Erica Frank, MD, MPH, is the Canada Research Chair in Preventive Medicine and Population Health at the University of British Columbia and the Founder (in 2001) of Dr. Frank has served as a tenured Professor, Vice-Chair, and Division Director in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, and served as Research Physician, Medical Epidemiologist, and Medical Consultant at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She has published over 170 peer-reviewed articles, is conversant in French; and is a citizen of Canada, Germany, and the United States of America. Dr. Frank has also conducted research and published abstracts on domestic violence, and intimate partner violence (IPV). Dr. Frank’s Wiki page can be found here:

[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): Thanks Erica. Here are the URLs for the two papers:

[1] (restricted access - why do publishers persist in restricting access even decades after publication?)

[2] (free full-text)]