Tobacco (8) Engaging young adults in conversations about smoking tobacco

21 January, 2023

A UK team has launched a 4-part podcast play, Tobias and Syd, to engage young adults in conversations about tobacco smoking. The play is a high-quality produced drama by award winning writer Elspeth Penny, funded by the UK Arts Council with BBC sound engineers and editors. You can listen on podbeam or audible platforms for free here:

Synopsis of the Play: The audio play ‘Tobias and Syd’, features a time travelling woman, a doctoral anthropology student, ‘Syd’ being lured into an addictive relationship with the shape-shifting ‘Tobias’ as he unveils his new product at a conference. The drama challenges perceptions about tobacco, and looks at it from an unexpected viewpoint. Told through the ‘voice’ of tobacco itself, the narrative spans several centuries and continents. During its time travel journey, the play looks at the uncomfortable relationship tobacco has with slavery and colonialism. Tobias and Syd also explores the notion of romance, from the seduction of smoking to the beginnings of an LGBTQ+ relationship.Four online events in January accompany the launch of the drama.These online events link to themes in the play and run to Tuesday 7th February. Meet the author, the actors and other talented speakers. Sign up, there are quite a few free places, so get there before they run out.

We are interested in any other arts-based approaches to engaging young people about tobacco - do share!



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