Type 2 Diabetes - What Can Children Do (2) Clarification from Children for Health

6 December, 2022

Dear Friends,

A few days ago, I requested those interested to take a look at our published poster for children (10-14) on Type 2 Diabetes. This features 10 messages for children to learn and share. We had a panel of 18 experts and

practitioners helping us with this endeavour and it took about 5 months to do. Here it is again.


One of the kind people who responded to us, provided specific feedback on the messages and the artwork offering guidance on changes to the poster itself...However this was not what we are asking for at this point

(although it is still helpful to have for our next revision process). I realise my message was confusing.

To clarify - what we are after - your more general thoughts which might be prompted by looking at our poster - which we could build into a story for children and teachers' toolkit. We seek to get behind the surface of the issues in our stories. For example we would not simply base a story around the need for healthy eating and more exercise (most 10 year olds know this anyway) but seek to explore the issues around why this is challenging and what impactful actions can be taken by children to help shift habits and systems.

Since my message, many have contacted us and shared their warm appreciation of our work and provided some great suggestions. I am set to have some interesting conversations with researchers working with young people

affected directly by Type 2 Diabetes.

We so love this wonderful community and would not want to offend anyone in it by not appreciating their efforts to help us.

Best wishes

Clare Hanbury

HIFA profile: Clare Hanbury is director of Children for Health. She qualified as a teacher in the UK and then worked in schools in Kenya and Hong Kong. After an MA in Education in Developing Countries and for many years, Clare worked for The Child-to-Child Trust based at the University of London's Institute of Education where, alongside Hugh Hawes and Professor David Morley she worked to help embed the Child-to-Child ideas of children's participation in health – into government and non-government cchild health and education programmes in numerous countries. Clare has worked with these ideas alongside vulnerable groups of children such as refugees and street children. Since her MSc in International Maternal and Child Health, Clare focused on helping government and non-government programmes to design and deliver child-centered health and education programmes where children are active participants. Clare has worked in many countries in East and Southern Africa and in Pakistan, Cambodia and the Yemen. In July 2013, Clare founded the NGO, Children for Health and develops health education materials and and works on health education programmes alongside partners all over the world. Clare is a member of the HIFA Working Group on Information for Citizens, Parents and Children and the CHIFA (child health and rights) Steering Group.



Email: clare.hanbury AT zen.co.uk