Update from Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters

20 May, 2022

Dear Colleagues

Here is an update from Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters (SRHM). Please share with your networks if relevant.

A guide to rights-based knowledge creation in sexual and reproductive health

We are pleased to share our introductory guide to rights-based knowledge creation in SRHR, written by B. Subha Sri. It is meant to provide an introduction for researchers, practitioners and activists on how to use a human rights-based approach to knowledge creation in the area of sexual and reproductive health.

The guide is available at: http://www.srhm.org/rights-based-knowledge-creation_srhm2022/

Challenging the notion of evidence: bringing rights into SRHR research

On May 6, SRHM hosted a symposium in New Delhi and online on enhancing the ecosystem of rights and evidence in sexual and reproductive health. The symposium created space for dialogue on deconstructing the notion and hierarchy of evidence, pushing methodological boundaries in SRHR research, questioning power in research, and more.

Watch the recording: http://www.srhm.org/news/challenging-the-notion-of-evidence-bringing-rig...

New articles:

Social and economic marginalisation and sexual and reproductive health and rights of urban poor young women: a qualitative study from Vadodara, Gujarat, India

By Renu Khanna, Manushi Sheth, Parigna Talati, Krishna Damor & Bhanu Chauhan


“We wish to have good medical care”: findings from a qualitative study on reproductive and maternal health of internally displaced women in India

By Preety R. Rajbangshi, Devaki Nambiars & Aradhana Srivastava


Sexuality and relationship experiences of women with spinal cord injury: reflections from an Indian context

By Seema Sharma


Self-administration of gender-affirming hormones: a systematic review of effectiveness, cost, and values and preferences of end-users and health workers

By Caitlin E. Kennedy, Ping Teresa Yeh, Jack Byrne, L. Leigh Ann van der Merwe, Laura Ferguson, Tonia Poteat & Manjulaa Narasimhan


Lubricants for the promotion of sexual health and well-being: a systematic review

By Caitlin E. Kennedy, Ping Teresa Yeh, Jingjia Li, Lianne Gonsalves & Manjulaa Narasimhan


Policy surveillance for a global analysis of national abortion laws

By Patty Skuster, Jamie Menzel, Adrienne R. Ghorashi & Megan Perkins


A qualitative inquiry into pregnant women’s perceptions of respectful maternity care during childbirth in Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria

By Oluwaseun Taiwo Esan, Salome Maswime & Duane Blaauw


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