Updated HIFA Strategy 2022-2024: Strategic shift: Convene stakeholders for a Global Action Plan on Universal Access to Reliable Healthcare Information (6)

6 August, 2022

Good day Neil

I agreee with the statement you made that:

"In reality, bringing people together on online forums to discuss aspects of healthcare information will never be sufficient to achieve our vision of Healthcare Information For All: a world where every person has access to the reliable healthcare inforamtion they need to protect their own health and the health of others."

In my opinion, there is need to use multiple communication platforms and strategies to communicate health information if we are to make a difference.

Research is required to map information needs for target populations so that communication can be relevant and effective.There is need to consider sociocultural dynamics and also behavioral science issues.

When, why, how and where we get messages to target populations is critical. Microplanning is therefore important with consideration and involvement of communities.ln some instances we may not even require in depth scientific research but just a mere understanding of the sociocultural dynamics of specific populations.This requires a paradigm shift from mass health informatiom communication approaches to customised strategies.

Also, there is need to fit our strategies to how our audiences are organised in their communities. This may be through political or religious or community governance structures.And also consider what matters to them so that they can develop trust and accept information given to them.


Venus Mushininga

HIFA profile: Venus Mushininga is a pharmacist with the Ministry of Health and Childcare in Zimbabwe. She is a founder and President of the Zimbabwe Society of Oncology Pharmacy and the Zimbabewan delegate to the European Society of Oncology Pharmacy. Professional interests: Oncology, Dissemination of information through to Health Professionals and the public, Research. She is co-coordinator of the HIFA working group on information for Prescribers and Users of Medicines.

Email: vmushininga@gmail.com



Email: vmushininga AT gmail.com