Urgent - please support HIFA to ensure that our vital work can continue

6 December, 2023

Dear HIFA colleagues,

We urgently need funds to continue our work in 2024. Your support will ensure that HIFA can continue to work towards our shared vision of universal access to reliable healthcare information. It will also enable us to implement our evolving collaboration plan in official relations with the World Health Organization (HIFA is solely responsible for financing this collaboration).

Please support us monthly from just £2. It takes less than a minute to set up but will make an impact every day of every month.

THREE good reasons to support HIFA today:

1. HIFA is the only organisation campaigning for universal access to reliable healthcare information. Universal access would save countless lives.

2. HIFA works with over 400 health and development organisations worldwide.

3. HIFA is a small independent not-for-profit and relies on the generosity of HIFA members and supporting organisations to maintain and develop our vital work.

Please donate HERE: https://hifa.online-donation.co.uk/general/~my-donation

Thank you for your support

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator

PS We understand that not everyone is able to support HIFA right now, if this is the case then please do feel free to continue to engage with our HIFA forums, projects and other activities: www.hifa.org

HIFA profile: Neil Pakenham-Walsh is coordinator of HIFA (Healthcare Information For All), a global health community that brings all stakeholders together around the shared goal of universal access to reliable healthcare information. HIFA has 20,000 members in 180 countries, interacting in four languages and representing all parts of the global evidence ecosystem. HIFA is administered by Global Healthcare Information Network, a UK-based nonprofit in official relations with the World Health Organization. Email: neil@hifa.org