War as a Public Health Issue (2)

24 May, 2024

Dear friends

War is a systematic method meant to kill and maim (ie the exact opposite of health and wellbeing). It is a catastrophic for health.  Inter-state wars is a development issue. Achieving SDGs will be a distant dream when bombs rain from the sky. As global citizens we need to press for an 'end to all wars'. 

Please read, reflect and if you agree sign on the petition addressed to the UN Secretary General.


Thank you

Saroj JayasingheMBBS (Col), MD (Col), MRCP (UK), MD (Bristol), PhD (Col), FRCP (Lond), FCCP, FNASSLEmeritus Professor of MedicineFounder Head, Department of Medical HumanitiesUniversity of ColomboConsultant Physician 


HIFA profile: Saroj Jayasinghe is the Professor of Medicine of the University of Colombo and a consultant physician in the National Hospital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. Professor Saroj Jayasinghe qualified from Faculty of Medicine with MBBS honours from the University of Colombo. He works as a specialist at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka. Recently he was appointed as the head of the Department of Medical Humanities of the University of Colombo, the first such department in the region. He is a HIFA country representative for Sri Lanka. https://www.hifa.org/support/members/saroj sarojoffice AT yahoo.com