Webinar! CPD Points Available! "Building Healthy Cities in the SDGs Era: Why Should we all Care?"

13 October, 2023

The Free Webinar hosted by the WCEA and APHPN will be held in English.

Webinar title: Building Healthy Cities in the SDGs Era: Why Should we all Care?

Date: Thursday, 19th of October 2023

Time: 3 pm Central Africa Time (CAT)

Duration: 1 Hour

CPD Points: 1


* To introduce the concept of Healthy Cities and frame it within the "Health in All Policies" discourse and, more broadly, the SDGs paradigm.

* To briefly explain the role of urbanism and urban planning as a health tool.

* To reflect on the role primary healthcare play in promoting and maintaining healthy equitable cities.

Speaker: Dr. Sebastiana Etzo

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