Webinar: Governance Across the African Pharmaceutical Value Chain - Webinar on June 9th 1.00 pm UTC/GMT, 2.00 pm West African Central Time, 3.00 pm Central African Time and 4.00 pm East African Time

5 June, 2022

Dear Colleagues please join us to participate in the Webinar*


*Thursday, June 9, 2022, 1:00 pm (UTC/GMT)* 2:00 pm (WAT), 3:00 pm (CAT), 4:00 pm (EAT).

Globally supply chains for health products are complex everywhere. Strong supply chains are essential for effective health care delivery and form the backbone of a country’s health system.

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed many countries lacking local capabilities and capacity to manufacture and supply the needed personal protective equipment (PPEs) as well as other essential drugs needed by healthcare workers and the general population to curb the effect of the pandemic. Most countries relied heavily on pharmaceutical and medicine imports due to lack of local production capacities, policies favoring importation, high cost of

importing raw materials and difficulty achieving economies of scale

Working with partners, the Anadach Group will host a webinar to engage key players in Africa to discuss how they can strengthen governance across the healthcare supply chain. These stakeholders will be representative of

various geographies as well as various key components across the pharmaceutical value chain. The discussants at the webinar will address the following questions, but will be open to other issues of critical concerns.

•What are the best practices for managing and sharing information across the supply chain?

•How can technology improve the practices for managing supply chains from manufacturing to patient delivery?

•How can high quality and safe drugs, products and supplies be consistently delivered – irrespective of source?

•How can key stakeholders influence policies and legislation that promote safe pharmaceutical practices in a rapidly growing space?

•How can organizations and companies ensure adequate and appropriate human capacity across the entire pharmaceutical value chain to enhance performance and ethical practices?

•How can boards be more accountable and responsible towards stakeholders and promote sustainable healthcare solutions across the supply chain?

•How can good governance practices be incorporated into systems and processes across the Supply Chain?

*Opening Remarks:*

Mr Olaf Schmidt, Manager. Health, Education, Tourism, Retail, Property Investment- Africa, International Finance Corporation.

*Special Guest:*

HE. Mr. Udom Emmanuel, Governor Akwa Ibom, Nigeria ( Host of Jubilee Syringes - largest syringe manufacturing plan in Africa).

*Guest Speaker:*

Dr. James A. Rice; Ph.D., FACHE, Senior Advisor Governance and Leadership, Gallagher Human Resources & Compensation Consult, Minneapolis US; Advisory Board Member, Anadach Group.


a. Dr. Mustafa Hunter, International expert in governance, private sector engagement and corruption risk management.

b. Mr. Bramuel Mwalo, CEO Xetova.

c. Dr. Chiluba Mwila, Head of Pharmacy Department, University of Zimbabwe, Expert in Supply Chain Management.

d. Mr. David Kafui Kluste; Chief Operating Officer - Atlantic Life sciences Ltd. (TBC)

e. Pharmacist Ben Botwe; CEO BB Associates Limited.

*Please register at ( https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwrde6hqjgiEt3vZsjfEogt1-JgYCH... ) to participate in the Webinar*.

We look forward to engaging with you!.

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