Webinar: Using online communities of practice to complement health research: Experiences from Healthcare Information For All (2)

16 January, 2023

Dear all

I'd like to follow up on Neil's message about the upcoming webinar on Wednesday February 1. I see that the link to the SUPPORT-SYSTEMS discussion summary wasn't active. Here it is: https://www.hifa.org/sites/default/files/publications_pdf/SUPPORT-SYSTEM...

We welcome HIFA members to provide your comments to the summary and continue to SUPPORT-SYSTEMS discussions that were initiated last May, as well as encourage you to attend the webinar to discuss how the HIFA community and health systems research project can benefit form the kinds of thematic discussions that were implemented last year.

[More info with link to register: https://www.hifa.org/news/using-online-communities-practice-complement-h... ]

Best wishes

Unni Gopinathan

Senior Scientist, Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Co-principal investigator, SUPPORT-SYSTEMS project (https://www.fhi.no/cristin-prosjekter/aktiv/support-systems/)

HIFA profile: Unni Gopinathan is a Senior Scientist at Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway. Unni is joint coordinator of the HIFA working group on SUPPORT-SYSTEMS: How can decision-making processes for health systems strengthening and universal health coverage be made more inclusive, responsive and accountable?



Email: Unni.Gopinathan AT fhi.no