What are the reasons nurses/midwives from LMICs do not take leadership/managerial role in the healthcare system? (4)

17 February, 2022

We must be enlightened that Nursing practice has many branches. Many work in Hospital Settings in Wards, Theatres, as caregivers, emergency units, and out patient clinics as; medical, surgical, ENT, Opthalmology Nurses etc.

Definitely these practices and operations are structured and Nurses are promoted until they reach the Director of Nursing Position, in hierarchy.

There are other leadership positions as the head of each units, all heads reporting to the the designated manager in mid or senior level management, then to the Director.

At the Government Government Level the Practices are focused on Public and Community Health mainly Preventive and Primary Health Care.

The Leadership roles are structured also, all under Family Health Department and various Units as; Child Health, MCH, Immunization, Outreach clinics, and Apex Directors of Public Health Nursing and the overall Head at the LG Service Commission.

Also, the Nursing institutions or College of Nursing, Midwifery and Public Health/ CHO have played immense leadership roles even up to the University Level.

Nurses belong to different Professional Associations and even at the International levels, have played leadership roles. Even as Civil Society Leaders and Associations.

Nurses head few Non Governmental Organizations and attends international and Local Conferences, and made excellent papers presentations.

Nurses also play part in Strategic Health Plans at the National, State and Local Government Levels.

In Lagos State, Nigeria, we once had a Nurse as Commissioner for Health.

What may be mitigating against Nurses rapid Leadership advancement is their Numbers.

Also, depends on individual capacity and capability, trainings, experience and opportunities.

The structure that places Nurses under Doctors.

I'll end for now on the note that; Nurses are beautiful.

HIFA profile: Remi Akinmade is Executive Director of Community Health Information Education Forum (CHIEF), Nigeria. Professional interests: Community Health, Primary Health Care, Maternal Neonatal Child Health (MNCH), Adolescent/Youth Health, STI/HIV/AIDS, Breast/Cervical Cancer, Advocacy, Rights of women, children, Capacity Building - training, empowerment programs, Male involvement. remi.akinmade AT chiefngo.org