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26 July, 2022

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share an email Hesperian sent out last Saturday about free new resources in our HealthWiki, most notably our Monkeypox factsheet. We're working to translate it into more languages, it is currently available in English.

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HIFA profile: Vanessa Tran is Communications and Outreach Associate at the Hesperian Health Guides U.S.A. vanessa AT hesperian.org


From Hesperian Health Guides <info@hesperian.org>

There is always something new posted in our HealthWiki. [ https://en.hesperian.org/hhg/A_Community_Guide_to_Environmental_Health?u... ]

Hesperian’s team of editors, designers and web wizards are constantly working to expand, translate, update and maintain the information on our HealthWiki. All this is done in the service of the 145,000 people that visit our HealthWiki each month - most of them stumbling onto one of our Wiki pages from a GGoogle search. Whether they want to protect their families from malaria or advocate for healthier conditions in their workplace, our HealthWiki provides the information they need, in the languages they need it in.

New this month in the HealthWiki:

Monkeypox Factsheet in English [ https://en.hesperian.org/hhg/Monkeypox?utm_source=eblast&utm_medium=emai... ]

Hesperian’s fact sheet is one of the first accessible yet comprehensive health resources on Monkeypox. We describe common symptoms of monkeypox, how to prevent its spread, and how it can be treated at home. We also note how the world seems to have learned nothing from COVID about the need for vaccine equity! Translations of this factsheet will soon be available in several languages.

Kiswahili translation of Community Guide to Environmental Health [ https://sw.hesperian.org/hhg/Mwongozo_wa_jamii_juu_ya_afya_ya_mazingira?... ]

Our Community Guide is a wonderful resource that covers a wide range of topics including: Building Toilets, Land Restoration, Sustainable Farming, and Food Security. Rather than focusing on how individuals can take ownership of their role in the ecosystem, this book emphasizes the importance of community when caring for the world around us. Throughout the book, we share how different communities and cultures maintain and protect their natural environments.

The Community Guide is also available on our HealthWiki in Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Dari, and Turkish and in print!

2022 Edition of Disabled Village Children in English [ https://en.hesperian.org/hhg/Disabled_Village_Children?utm_source=eblast... ]

Earlier this year, we released an updated edition of a Hesperian classic - Disabled Village Children! This revised edition includes new information on burn rehabilitation, prevention of contractures, and seizures and epilepsy, and reflects changes in how we talk about disability. Since 1987, this manual has been a staple for family members, community health workers, and rehabilitation professionals caring for children with disabilities in communities with limited resources.

You can also purchase a print copy of Disabled Village Children in English.

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