WHO: 55 countries face a health worker crunch linked to COVID-19 (4) Health services need to focus more on the needs of health workers (2)

17 March, 2023

Hi Neil

Yes I like that acronym [SEISMIC: https://www.hifa.org/about-hifa/hifa-universal-health-coverage-and-human... ] and entirely agree. We need agency of patients and communities, so they are free to suggest solutions to problems they identify and are able to "own their futures"

And health care workers who combine respectful listening and engagement with appropriate and respectful evidence based care.

Our book below tries to merge these two approaches.

Our programme Arukah Network aims to show how this can work in theory and practice (Arukah is an old Hebrew word which means "Working together in friendship towards a common purpose")

Best wishes


Dr Ted Lankester



HIFA profile: Ted Lankester is Co-Leader of Arukah Network in the UK. Professional interests: Global health. Community based health care. Travel medicine etc. Medical author most recently Setting up community heath and development programmes in low and middle income settings OUP 520 pages 2019 with Nathan Grills and 16 co-authors. Email address: tedlankester AT hotmail.com