WHO: 55 countries face a health worker crunch linked to COVID-19 (6)

18 March, 2023

Joseph has mentioned the need to address the push and pull factors. A major push factor is some sub-Saharan countries are producing more health workers than they can employ due to ceilings of salary bill. Many health workers especially nurses, end up opening small medicine stores or small shops. It is not fair (I dare not use human rights) for them to struggle in a country that needs their services but cannot pay them. Indeed the push and pull factors are complex and most important linked to national prosperity.

Alice Nganwa

HIFA profile: Alice Nganwa is Executive Director at WIND Consult Limited in Uganda. Professional interests: Promote equity in development that includes marginalized people and addresses less popular but important development issues such as prevention of road traffic crashes, domestic violence, occupational safety, school health, healthy ageing and minimizing alcoholism and other addictions. windconsultug AT gmail.com