WHO Bulletin: Public health information for minority linguistic communities (2)

13 January, 2022

[Re: https://www.hifa.org/dgroups-rss/who-bulletin-public-health-information-... ]

This issue of evidence to policy (citizens' policy in this case - citizens enact PPE policy for instance during the covid19 pandemic) was discussed at a recent WHO three day workshop on Evidence to Policy, at another on Faithleaders role in sharing risk and evidence and at another on the research evidence on communicating risk and evidence.

One overlooked solution mentioned was to utilise celebrities with millions of followers to disseminate the risks and benefits. Another was to use pictures and illustrations in communications - which override the need for the written word (semantics).

Another possibility is to identify a register of all the world's languages and to create an attached database of citizens' who speak and/or write those languages who would have the time, willingness and ability to translate the WHO'S PROVE'd risk and evidence information to the citizen's local language.

This process of identifying and ID'ing citizens with contact details is exactly the [same as] any other register of individuals used for personal interactions. The register would follow international rules of personal data protection - well instantiated within the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When data needs to be translated into all of the 6000 or so languages the citizens can be contacted to help. I would imagine four or five citizens would be required for each language and that some annual conversation, support, feedback, appraisal and training would need to be offered.

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