WHO calls for patient stories

31 May, 2023

Dear All,

Considering the central role of patients, families, and caregivers in advancing safer care, “Engaging patients for patient safety” has been selected as the theme for World Patient Safety Day 2023. The theme builds on the ongoing efforts of the WHO Patients for Patient Safety (PFPS). The slogan of World Patient Safety Day 2023 is “Elevate the voice of patients!” aims to galvanize the vision of the PFPS Programme by calling on all stakeholders to engage patients, families, and caregivers to partner in the co-design of patient safety policies and practices for safer and more equitable care. Patient and family experiences of unsafe care are insightful experiences and powerful resources on which to build safer care delivery. One of the most universal and foundational mechanisms for learning from those with lived experience is through storytelling. In order both to support World Patient Safety Day 2023 and to create the mechanism to reflect patient voices for improving patient safety, WHO calls for patient stories. The stories we call for include those about avoidable harms, near misses, or best practices in the delivery of safe health care. In this regard, the submission of your experience of unsafe and/or safe care would be appreciated through the form below https://www.who.int/initiatives/patients-for-patient-safety/patient-story

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