WHO consultation on priorities for nutrition guidelines: Deadline 26 Feb 2021

22 February, 2021

The message below is forwarded from our sister forum HIFA (general health):


You can join the World Health Organization's (WHO) consultation on priorities for nutrition guidelines until the 26th of February 2021. WHO is developing an evidence-based guide for the comprehensive management of high-risk infants and children, and children and adolescents with obesity, using a primary health care approach.

This prioritization exercise will consist of an online survey that can be answered at

https://bit.ly/3ac0RJ8 no later than February 26, 2021

Find more details at: https://www.who.int/es/news-room/articles-detail/online-public-consultat...

Dr. Luis Gabriel Cuervo

Senior Advisor, Research for Health

Unit of Health Systems and Access, Department of Health Systems and Services

Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization

525 Twenty-third Street NW, Washington, DC. 20037. USA

Tel +1 (202) 974-3135 http://www.paho.org/researchportal



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