WHO Europe office launches Antimicrobial Resistance dashboard

24 November, 2022

(with thanks to the WHO AMR Community Exchange)

WHO Europe office launches AMR dashboard


'The AMR dashboard is an interactive tool, created by the WHO European Office, that allows users to explore bacterial antimicrobial resistance (AMR) data from the WHO European Region. The dashboard shows combined AMR rates and trends from the EARS-Net network, for data pertaining to EU/EEA Member States, and the CAESAR network, for the remaining countries/areas within the WHO European Region. Data on patients' characteristics are available only for the CAESAR network...'

COMMENT (NPW): This looks to be a very useful tool. I look forward to comments from WHO and other HIFA colleagues. For whom is the tool intended? Public health professionals? Guideline developers? Individual healthcare providers? Also, is there a similar tool available (or planned) in other WHO regions?

Best wishes, Neil

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