WHO & HIFA need your help: Request for volunteers (3) Introduction: Anisah Herdiyanti, USA

10 March, 2023

Dear All,

My name is Anisah Herdiyanti. I am a faculty member at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia.

Currently, I am a second-year doctoral student at the School of Information, Florida State University.

I used to work on research projects related to electronic medical records in Indonesia, although my research interest is now projecting more toward children in the digital world. I am joining HIFA because I am volunteering for one of HIFA’s survey testing, but also to find out that HIFA complements the CHIFA group, which I found very interesting. [*see note below]

Thank you very much, and looking forward to participating in HIFA.


Anisah Herdiyanti.

HIFA profile: Anisah Herdiyanti is a doctoral student at the School of Information at Florida State University. She has done research on the topic of electronic medical records in Indonesia and is a faculty at a public university there. She is currently working on digital education for children. ah21bf AT fsu.edu

[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): Many thanks Anisah. CHIFA is our sister forum dedicated to child health and rights. All are welcome: https://www.hifa.org/join/join-chifa-child-health-and-rights ]