Why are antibiotics overprescribed? (5)

20 June, 2022

Hi Massimo,

I think it's also true to say, that over-prescription of inappropriate drugs, is also about poor healthcare/poorly funded healthcare/healthcare serving the profit margins of pharmaceuticals.

So, instead of having time to listen to and focus on an individual patient, in order to effect diagnostics, to determine exactly what the issue is, poor healthcare routinely doles out drugs, as a 'cheap' option, because a decent consultation and effective diagnostics are more expensive for the healthcare provider at this point, than an inappropriate prescription.

In the UK recently, we have had it reported that over-prescription of inappropriate medications is almost routine for the 65+ age group; that routine over prescription of pain meds is causing a substance addiction crisis; and over prescription of antibiotics is reducing their effectivity in the population, overall.

Here, in the UK, it is now well-nigh impossible to actually GET a GP appointment - this includes remote appointments - with many surgeries using pharmacists as primary health consultants - who ONLY want to talk about the drugs you've been prescribed.

It's appalling.

Where is the patient access to GP records, and the empowerment that promises, if your GP surgery has locked you out of the system for making online appointments? How does that inspire confidence in digital access for patients? How does such a failing system capitalise on one of the primary benefits of parient access to GP records - inappropriate prescribing flagged up by patients themselves?

This needs addressing in the UK as well as in Africa.

Over prescription of drugs also impoverishes health care systems, causing them to fail their patients.

With All Best Wishes,

Fiona Branson

HIFA profile: Fiona Branson is director of a therapeutic/educative theatre company, NutCase Theatre Limited, UK. Professional interests include the promotion of education, equality and understanding worldwide. Theatre, music, art, human rights. fiona.branson AT btopenworld.com